YardSaleFrog Frequently Asked Questions


  • A Better Tool

Yardsalefrog.com embraces the on-line era while respectfully preserving an enduring Southern past time.  It is our goal to make advertising, searching, and getting to sales as easy as our computers and cell phones will currently allow.

So, what makes yardsalefrog.com a better tool?


By providing specific turn-by-turn directions, through google maps, to your sale, we have eliminated the need to buy, construct, hang or remove any signage (in fact, our premium ad costs less than three poster boards and two sharpies!)

We don't charge by the column inch.  Because we are on-line, we can offer unlimited item listing space.

Five day postings are standard.

You no longer have to key or cut and paste sale information in to an on-line mapping program.  Our Route Planner generates one, shortest-route map for as many sales as you want to attend.

We offer a SEARCH function that allows users to locate only sales that have the item they are looking for.  You can also search by city or zip code.


  • A Great Value

The cost of a PREMIUM ad on yardsalefrog.com is $8.    The cost for an average yard sale classified is approximately $81.

What you get for $8 on yardsalefrog.com

Featured Listing on our home page for 5 days
Rain or Shine option
Unlimited Item listing space
turn-by-turn directions to your sale (from customer's location)
Route Planner Access
5 day popsting on map (post anytime at on our Sales Coming Soon page)
A sincere THANK YOU
A cut and paste email to send to all your friends and family
statewide exposure

What you get for $81 in typical classified

3 day listing in major newspaper and on website
2 day listing in local newspaper (simultaneous with major newspaper)
3 lines of item listing
3 lines of directions

And given that an average, single family sale earns roughly $200. So, let's see $200-8 = $192 (smiling) or $200-81 = $119 (not smiling so much)


  •  Green is our favorite color

Yardsalefrog.com wants to be as green as all the other frogs.  We are accomplishing this by advertising and promoting yard sales, which are, of course, the ultimate in Recycling.  Currently, we are about 90% paper-free.  Ultimately, we want to improve the sight so that your personal directions to the sales you have chosen can be sent directly to you phone, thereby eliminating the need to print your directions.  We also hope that we are saving some trees by eliminating the need for signs and newspaper classifieds.  Additionally, our low cost allows you to keep more of the green you earn at your sale.


  •  For Tennessee Only

Yardsalefrog.com exclusively serves the Volunteer State, because if you live in Murfreesboro are you really going to be looking for yard sales in Dallas?  We don't really see the value or the need for a nationally based web site.


  • Providing Opportunity

Yardsalefrog.com offers two extra-green opportunities which allow qualified individuals or teams to make little cash. Please click on the extra-green opportunities icon on our home page for more details about our Happy Hoppers and our Yard Sales On Demand programs


What is YardSaleFrog.com?

YardSaleFrog.com is a green yard sale advertising, locating and searching site.

For those interested in listing your sale on the site…..

There are two posting levels – Basic and Premium

  • Basic – FREE
  • Premium - ONLY $8
    umlimited item listing
    turn-by-turn directions
    featured listing on home page
    Route planner access
    yard signs (optional)

What does the Featured Sales column offer?

The Featured Sales column allows users to be taken directly to your sale on the google map. There's no looking involved! This feature is especially valuable for neighborhood and multi-family sales, or those wishing to get their sales noticed immediately!


For those interested in locating yard sales on our site….

Hover your curser over one of the colored markers and click for more sale details.

If the sale is a  PREMIUM posting, you can find out where the sale is located, when the sale is happening, several items that are available at that sale, AND when you click "Get Directions" you will be asked to enter YOUR address (including city and zip code) and you will be taken to a google map which will provide both turn-by-turn directions and a mapped route.  It's that easy!


What if I want to go from one sale to the next? Can I plan my Yard Sale Route?

Yes you can!

When you find a premium sale you want to attend, simply click on the "add to Route" key.  You can add as many premium sales as you would like.  Once you click on the "add to route" buttom you will receive the following message: "This sale has been added to your route." X out of the message box and add your next sale.  When you have all your sales added click on the


What about our SEARCH feature?

If you are looking for "tools," you can simply enter the word – tools- in the search field and all the yard sales that have tools for sale will be highlighted on the map. You can also search by start date and zip code if you just want to find those sales on a particular day or in your cove of the pond.


When are Sales posted?

All Sales appear on the map 5 days in advance of their start dates unless that sale is posted less than 5 days in advance, in which case the sale will automatically post to the map. Sales are automatically deleted the morning following the end date listed.


What if I have to cancel/change my sale?

If for some reason you need to cancel or change your sale, you can simply contact us at info@yardsalefrog.com  and we can remove or change your information.  Refunds will not be issued for premium cancelled sales.

Additionally, we offer a rain/shine option when posting your sale. If you select NO, this indicates that your sale will be cancelled in the event of rain. If you select YES, this means your sale will still occur even in the event of rain.


What if I don’t have a paypal account?

No problem, you can pay directly with your credit card through paypal without setting up a paypal account. The paypal payment service provides for greater security on the YardSaleFrog.com site. Your information is protected and your payment is secure.


What's on the Sales Coming Soon page?

If you or your neighborhood, or your church or other group, know that you will be having a sale on the second weekend in April, you can post it NOW. It will appear on the Sales Coming Soon page, then five days before the sale it will post on the map and be removed from the Sales Coming Soon page. This helps folks plan their weekends. If you know the big, annual Cason Lane Neighborhood sale is happening on April 18, you can plan accordingly, so you won't miss a single bargain.


Contact Us

If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement, please contact us at info@yardsalefrog.com.